5 Best Dog Nail Clippers of 2020

Dogs need their nails trimmed just like humans do. Using the best dog nail clippers is the easiest way to get that done. Dog nails continuously grow, so groomers often recommend trimming your dog’s nails at least once a month. Unfortunately, many dog parents fail to do this though. After all, clipping your dog’s nails can be scary for the both of you. Some dogs don’t like to sit still and it’s possible to cut their nails too short. So, it’s important to make sure you’re educated and comfortable with nail trimming before you clip your dog’s nails.

How to Clip Your Dog’s Nails

Before you attempt to clip your dog’s nails, make sure you’re comfortable doing it. Do your research and talk to your groomer or vet if possible. They can give you advice as needed. Here are some simple tips about how to make the entire process easier too.

Start off Slow

Before you even start trimming your dog’s nails, you need to get them familiar with the clipper or grinder that you’re using. Start by letting them sniff the clipper, and then praise them. Then, the next day, touch the clipper to their nails without actually trimming anything. Again, praise them for cooperating. From there, you can turn on the grinder or clip the clipper near their nails so they can hear the sound it makes without actually trimming their nails.

After you’ve repeated these steps a few times, you can trim a little of your dog’s nails. Only do one nail at a time and praise your dog after every nail. The slower the transition is, the more comfortable your dog should feel with the nail clipper. Eventually, you’ll be able to work your way up to trimming your dog’s nails normally.

Avoid the Quick

Once you start trimming your dog’s nails, it’s important to avoid the quick of their nail. The quick is a blood vessel and a nerve in your dog’s nail, and it can usually be seen in light colored nails. If you accidentally cut into your dog’s quick, it could start bleeding. Most dogs who get their nails cut too short become too scared to get their nails cut again in the future. It’s always better to trim their nails too little than to trim their quicks.

With light colored nails, you should be able to easily see the quick. But for black nails, you’ll have to take it slow and only trim a little off at a time. If your dog’s nails start to feel too soft or sensitive, then you should stop because you’re probably getting too close to their quick. If you neglect trimming your dog’s nails, then their quicks will grow longer too, so you should try to keep a consistent schedule.

Keep Your Dog Comfortable

Before you trim your dog’s nails, make sure they’re comfortable. Lay them on a soft blanket or provide them with something to lick or chew on as a distraction. Wait until they’re relaxed to start trimming their nails. It’s also a good idea to trim the hair around their paws if it’s long. This can prevent hair or fur from obstructing the view of the nails.

Types of Dog Nail Clippers

This article focuses primarily on scissor dog clippers, which are the most popular kind. These clippers look a lot like scissors, but they’re strong enough to cut through your dog’s nails. They can trim a dog’s nail in a single cut, which can be a good thing if you know exactly where to cut. If you’re unsure where your dog’s quick is, then you might want a grinder instead of a clipper.

Another type of clipper is the guillotine clipper. As the name suggests, this clipper has to be positioned on your dog’s nail, and then you push down a handle to leave a clean cut. Like the scissor dog clippers, these clippers can trim a dog’s nail in one cut, which is great if you know where to cut.

Finally, you can also use nail grinders. Groomers often use these instead of clippers because they’re safer and easier to use, but it takes longer to trim your dog’s nails with them. Also, many dogs are afraid of the sounds these products make. Grinders have a rough end that spins when it’s turned on. Then, you can slowly grind down your dog’s nails, which can help you be more careful around your dog’s quick. However, these are a newer invention, so many dog parents are still uncertain about them.

Best Dog Nail Clippers

Dog nail clippers often look the same, so it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your dog. Therefore, we’ve selected five great clippers and analyzed them based on features, pros, and cons.

#1 – Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs

The Safari Professional Nail Trimmer is a strong scissor clipper with green handles. It comes in a size for small to medium dogs and a size for medium to large dogs. The clipper part is stainless steel with a sharp cutting edge, making it durable even for long periods of time. The edges of the handles have grip on them so they won’t slide out of your hands when used. This product can be used by both dog parents and professionals. It even has a safety stopper to make sure you don’t cut your dog’s nails too short.


  • It comes in two sizes.
  • It has grip handles.
  • It’s made with durable stainless steel.
  • It’s affordable.


  • The safety guard is flawed.
  • They’re not always sharp enough.

#2 – Resco Deluxe Dog Nail Clippers

This option is a guillotine style clipper, where you put your dog’s nail in and pull a lever to release the blade. The blade is made with solid steel to ensure that it lasts. Then, the rubber handles help you get a firm grip on the clippers, even if they’re wet. It’s supposed to apply less pressure than a regular clipper would. If the blade ever becomes dull, you can replace it as needed. Additionally, it can be purchased in blue or yellow, and in medium or large.


  • It comes in two sizes.
  • It comes in two colors.
  • The blades can be replaced.
  • The rubber handles provide grip.


  • It’s not as durable as it claims.
  • It could clip the nails jagged.

#3 – Millers Forge Nail Clipper

This is a scissor style clipper with bright orange handles. It comes in medium and large sizes. It has sharp blades and it’s spring loaded, so it should be able to cut through your dog’s nails with minimal effort. Additionally, the plastic handles are designed for comfortable grip. It’s designed to last for years while still functioning properly. It also has a locking cap to hold the clippers closed for safe storage.


  • It’s affordable.
  • It comes in two sizes.
  • It has a locking cap.
  • It’s durable.


  • It could cut a jagged edge.
  • You could receive a faulty pair.

#4 – ConairPRO Dog Nail Clippers

This is another scissor style clipper that comes in a small and large size. The black and yellow handles are memory grip, meaning they adjust to the shape of your hands. This makes it easier to grip onto and harder for it to slip. Also, it has heavy duty spring action and stainless steel blades for clean cuts. It even has a safety guard to stop you from cutting your dog’s nails too short. Then, when it’s not in use, the safety guard also keeps the clippers closed.


  • It’s affordable.
  • It comes in two sizes.
  • The handles are memory grip.
  • It has a safety guard.


  • It might not be sharp enough.
  • It might not last long.

#5 – FURminator Nail Clippers for Dogs

The FURminator Nail Clipper only comes in one size with solid black handles. It’s a scissor style clipper that’s made with sharp stainless steel edges. The handles should be easy to grip onto so they don’t slide during use. The material is also anti-microbial to minimize germs and bacteria. This product also features an adjustable guide to ensure that your dog’s nail trimming is as efficient and painless as possible.


  • It’s affordable.
  • The material is anti-microbial.
  • It’s made with stainless steel edges.
  • It features an adjustable guide.


  • It only comes in one size.
  • It might not be sharp enough.
  • It could leave jagged edges.

When to Visit the Groomer or Vet

Clipping your dog’s nails at home might seem more convenient, but it doesn’t work for every dog. You should only trim your dog’s nails yourself if you feel confident and know what you’re doing. If there’s a chance you could hurt your dog in the process, you might want to leave it to a professional instead. In most cases, if you do it at home, you should have someone hold your dog for you to make the process easier.

If your dog won’t sit still for nail trims, then you should have a groomer handle it instead. Luckily, most groomers include nail trims with baths and haircuts. They’ve had plenty of experience trimming the nails of difficult dogs, so they’ll likely be able to handle it better. If your dog has had their nails accidentally trimmed too short in the past, then it’s also likely that they’ll refuse to let you trim their nails.

In some cases, these dogs might be too scared to even allow a groomer to trim them. If that’s the case, then the vet is your best option. It can be more expensive to have a professional trim your dog’s nails, but it’s much safer than you accidentally hurting your dog. After all, your dog’s safety always comes first.

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