What is the Cutest Dog Breed? 20 Adorable Pups

How is it possible to choose the cutest dog breed? After all, every dog is adorable! The truth is that everyone thinks their own dog is the cutest dog in the world, so it’s difficult to argue with that. But in general, there are some breeds that are beloved simply because of their adorable appearance, especially when they’re puppies. Many people assume that cute dogs are always small and fluffy, but cuteness can come in all different shapes and sizes. So, here are 20 dogs that could all be considered the cutest dog breed.

#1 – Pembroke Welsh Corgi

It’s no secret that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is beloved by many. Their stubby legs and long bodies always make people smile. They’re a playful, intelligent, and affectionate breed. They were originally bred as herding dogs, so they still have plenty of energy, meaning they needs lots of exercise and attention. Plus, they always look like they’re smiling back at us.

#2 – Pomeranian

Pomeranians are adorable fluff balls. They can often be stubborn and spoiled, but they also have a heart of gold. Plus, they love to bark, even when there’s nothing outside, but that’s a good excuse to train them and spend more quality time with them. After all, it’s impossible to not want to hug them and cuddle their soft fur.

#3 – Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is intelligent and strong enough to pull a sled, but there’s no denying this breed’s beauty. With stunning blue eyes and a soft coat, these dogs can also be great cuddle buddies. Additionally, they can make great hiking companions since they’re always willing to explore the outdoors. They’re especially cute when they play in the snow.

#4 – Beagle

These popular pups are often seen in movies and books because of their lovable nature. They are great at tracking down a scent, but they are just as great at playing with their loved ones. They’re an excellent family dog that even gets along with young children. Plus, their droopy ears and brown eyes are impossible to say no to.

#5 – Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds, so of course they’d be considered the cutest dog breed to many. These dogs are great in family settings, but they can also serve as working dogs. Their easygoing natures and intelligent minds make them ideal service dogs and therapy dogs. Golden Retrievers love playing games and learning new tricks. However, they need to be brushed often due to their frequent shedding.

#6 – Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies used to be known for hunting down pests, but today, they’re more commonly recognized as lap dogs. They’re one of the smallest dog breeds, making them easy to travel with and making them adaptable to new surrounds. They are extremely loving, but they also think very highly of themselves, so they might think they’re in charge instead of you.

#7 – French Bulldog

The flat face and big ears of a French Bulldog are irresistible. They are extremely social dogs that just want to be friends with everyone they meet. Each French Bulldog has their own silly personality, and they’re always eager to play with their loved ones. Their short snout might cause them to snore at night, but something about the unusual sounds they make is so charming.

#8 – Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise has a coat that’s as soft as cotton. Luckily, they’re also calm, loving dogs that just want to please their family members. They’re more energetic than other small, fluffy dogs though, so they need plenty of playtime. Plus, if they don’t get enough attention, they might develop a bad habit of barking.

#9 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are beautiful dogs that are often admired for their colorful coats and wavy ears. They are one of the friendliest and most sensitive dog breeds. All they want is for you to love them as much as possible, so they’ll spend a lot of their time snuggling with their family members. They’re especially gentle around children.

#10 – Shih Tzu

Like the French Bulldog, Shih Tzus have adorable flat faces and large, round eyes. Oftentimes, they also have an adorable underbite too. They become attached to their loved ones very easily, so they’ll often get jealous if you pay attention to someone besides them. They can be a bit stubborn and try to train you to obey them, but they have good intentions. All they want is for you to love them unconditionally.

#11 – Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is often considered the cutest dog breed because they’re so similar to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. However, their fur usually has a more distinct pattern of spotted or brindle, which many people argue is even cuter. Plus, they have the same stubby legs that other Corgis have. It’s even possible for them to have two different colored eyes, which always makes people fall in love.

#12 – Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever has been labeled the most popular breed for multiple years in a row. Not only are they adorable, but they have such a gentle, lovable personality too. Like Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers are often used as service dogs and therapy dogs. However, many people mistake them for an easy dog to care for. They might be easy to train, but they do require a lot of playtime and exercise on a daily basis.

#13 – American Staffordshire Terrier

This breed often gets a bad reputation for being labeled as a “Pit Bull” breed, but they are one of the friendliest breeds around. They’re often referred to as “nanny dogs” because they have a motherly instinct even around human children. They quickly bond with their family members, so they will often cuddle up to them and make sure they’re safe at all times. They’re also extremely sensitive, so punishments only scare and worry them.

#14 – Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds, also known as “Aussies”, are recognized for their beautiful coats, which are similar to the coat color of some Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Their icy blue eyes are also extra adorable. They were bred as herding dogs, so they require an active lifestyle with lots of training and mental stimulation. Plus, many people choose them because they want a medium-sized breed.

#15 – Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are massive dogs with short lifespans, but people just can’t get enough of them. They have a thick coat of fur that’s perfect for winter climates, and they thrive with lots of exercise. Despite their large size, they’re usually great family dogs and they’re the best cuddle buddies. However, their long fur needs frequent brushing in order to properly manage their shedding.

#16 – Dachshund

With a long body and short legs, the Dachshund is an unforgettable breed. To some, they might look silly, but to most dog lovers, they’re adorable. Today, they’re mostly only kept as companions, but they were initially bred as hunting dogs. They have an excellent sense of smell, so they can easily become curious or distracted. Plus, the length of their coat can vary, with each length being equally adorable.

#17 – Samoyed

The Samoyed is adored for its large fluffy coat of pure white fur. They almost look like clouds with legs. Luckily, their cuddly appearance matches their friendly personality. They often want to be friends with everyone they meet, and they’re always willing to play and explore. They were initially bred for reindeer herding, so they’re intelligent, but they can still be stubborn from time to time.

#18 – Pug

Pugs have a similar appearance to French Bulldogs because they have squished faces and big eyes. They’re also known for their wrinkly bodies and curly tails. They often have a goofy personality because they always want to play, but they can often become mischievous if they don’t get enough attention. Their structure makes them prone to many health problems, but their friendly, lovable personalities make them worth it.

#19 – Shiba Inu

This breed is commonly seen on social media, and it’s because these dogs have such a lovable appearance. They almost look like little foxes with curly tails. They’re extremely loyal to their loved ones and they always know how to make strangers fall in love with them. They might seem small, but they’re always willing to hike and go on adventures.

#20 – Chow Chow

Like Samoyeds, Chow Chows are loved for their extremely fluffy coats. They look like big teddy bears, but unfortunately, they aren’t the most affectionate breed. They’re fairly quiet and they prefer to keep to themselves most of the time. However, they are still loyal and smart, they just prefer more independence than other dog breeds.

Of course, your dog is the cutest dog breed of all, but unfortunately, we can’t discuss every dog breed. Even if your dog wasn’t on this list, they’re still adorable, just like every other dog in the world. When choosing a dog to bring home, it’s important that you focus on more than just looks though. Cute dogs are easy to fall in love with, but you should be more focused on your dog’s personality. When you meet the perfect dog for you, you’ll know because the two of you will get along so well, regardless of what their appearance is like.

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