15 DIY Dog Bed Plans And Ideas For Man’s Best Friend

A really nice way to express your love and affection for your pet is by making it feel like a part of the family. As such, some custom furniture is on order, specifically a comfy little bed that they call their own. That’s right, today we’re talking about pet beds, with an emphasis on dog beds. We have a bunch of cool project ideas that we want to share with you and we’ve very excited to start so let’s jump into it.

1.End table into a traditional dog bed

The first project comes from southernrevivals and is a very special one. This right here is a fancy four poster bed that’s just the right size for a cat or a small dog. The interesting part about it is that it used to be an end table. After a crack was discovered in one of the legs, the table was flipped upside down and finials were added where the legs used to be, thus becoming a chic little bed for a special little pet.

2.Nightstand into a cool dog bed

This other adorable dog bed that we found on mommatoldmeblog also has an interesting history. It was originally a small entertainment cabinet and after a few relatively simple modifications it became this lovely dog bedroom. It has a comfortable bed at the bottom inside a drawer and a shelf up top for toys, treats and tiny doggy clothes. It’s also been painted and now has this beautiful distressed aqua finish. So what do you say? Will you give it a try?

3.Platform dog bed

Big dogs don’t fit inside cabinet drawers or end tables so the previous projects are not a good fit. Something different is required. One idea is to make a big flat platform for the actual dog bed to go onto. The one featured on wouldntitbelovelyblog was made using wooden boards and nylon strapping. It’s a rather simple project once you understand the process behind it. It’s also a design that you can improve upon and customize to your liking.

4.Sofa like bed for dogs

Instead of a very flat bed you can also choose a design more similar to this one which was featured on ournerdhome. This dog bed looks a bit similar to a small sofa. It’s raised on four tapered legs and has panels on three sides that form a cozy enclosure. The rectangular cushion fits perfectly inside and you can have the frame built around an existing cushion that your dog loves or make a new one that fits the size of the new bed.

5.Wood sticks

This dog bed from etsy is quite interesting as well. It has a hollow frame that looks like a rustic little cabin and it even has a tiny chimney on top. The pitched roof doesn’t have any overhangs and it hollow as well. As such, this is merely a frame for a dog bed. If you want to you can put together something similar yourself using some wooden boards and you can customize it to fit the size of your own dog or make a small one for your cat. To give it a more rustic and weathered look you could use reclaimed pallet boards which would also keep the cost of the project low. Either way it’s a lovely design idea.

6.Scrap wood drawers

If these little dog beds look like drawers that’s because they are. Repurposed drawers actually make excellent beds for small pets, dogs and cats included. There’s barely any work to be done if you want to make something similar. Just make sure the drawer sits nice and level and you can add little legs to raise the bed a bit from the floor. It would also be nice to paint the drawer as well. A distressed finish like the one shown on lizmarieblog will give the bed a rustic, farmhouse-inspired look.

7.Repurpose the TV wood case

It’s not just drawers that can be turned into cute dog beds but also entire furniture pieces as well. For example, check out this amazing console TV transformation from endorsedbyigor. What a wonderful way to make use of the antique style of the unit and especially those carved little details on the edges that have been turned into tiny windows for the new dog house. There’s plenty of space inside for a large mattress and a comfy blanket.

8.Repurpose an old suitcase

If you happen to have an old suitcase that you don’t plan on using anymore, don’t throw it away just yet. Consider repurposing it and turning it into something useful, like a comfy bed for your dog or for your cat. You can remove the top half completely since it’s not really needed. If you’re happy with how the bottom section looks there’s no need for any other changes. You can just put a pillow inside and that’s about it. Alternatively, you can decorate the suitcase to make it look more like an actual bed. Check out moxandfodder for more details about the transformation.

9.Wine barrel into a rustic dog bed

Another interesting idea for a dog bed comes from thegildedhorn. This bed was made out of a wine barrel. It’s definitely one of the most unusual designs we’ve looked at so far but it’s definitely interesting and it looks lovely. Of course, some prep work is required and you need to cut out some sections of the barrel before you can even get started with the details. To make it easier for your dog to get in and out go ahead and carve out an entrance.

10.Bunk beds for Dogs

Bunk beds work for pets too and they’re a great way to save space. Check out this funky combo of shipping pallet beds from savedbylovecreations. There’s a big one at the bottom and a smaller one on top, perfect if you have a big dog and a small one or a dog and a cat. You might also want to add a little platform for easier access to the top bunk. In any case, the entire thing can be build out of reclaimed pallet wood which will keep the cost of the project low, allowing you to invest in a few other things like comfortable pillow, blankets and other accessories for your cute pets.

11.Old Tire Into A funky Bed

An old tire could also be useful if you’re planning on making a bed for your dog. However, tires have a fairly strong scent and it would probably be best to keep this new bed outside or in a ventilated area. Of course, you need to clean it thoroughly first. Painting the tire would also make the bed look nicer in the end so pick a color that you think suits your pet. Once the cleaning is done and the paint is nice and dry, go ahead and put a round and comfy pillow inside. More details about this project can be found on practicallyfunctional.

12.Old Chair Into A Dog Bed

This little dog bed is made from an old dining chair with the legs cut off. It’s a very interesting idea and a really cool way to give an old chair a new purpose and make it useful again. As long as the frame is in good shape there’s not a lot of work to be done here. Go ahead and add a cushion to make the bed nice and comfortable and feel free to paint the chair as well and even to customize it a little bit. Maybe add a sign with your dog’s name on it or decorate the backrest in an original way. Check out this beautiful transformation featured on hometalk for more inspiration.

13.Wood Dog kennel

You can find the plans and the tutorial for this dog bed/ kennel on ana-white in case you’re interested in building something similar. As you can see, it’s a fairly simple-looking structure and it’s all made out of wood. There’s a big door on one side which swings open and can also be locked if needed and inside there’s plenty of room. You can decorate the panels and you can also make use of the top space as well to store and display a few items.

14.DIY Sweatshirt Pet Bed

Did you know you can use an old sweatshirt to make a cute and comfortable little bed for your dog or for your cat? It’s such a simple project there’s really no reason not to try it. You only need a sweatshirt, a small pillow, a bit of extra filling, a needle and some string. Doesn’t it look lovely? You can find additional details about this very simple dog bed design on sniffdesign.

15.Wooden Crate Dog Bed

A wooden crate might have the right size for you to turn it into a pet bed. Go ahead and remove two of the boards at the top of one of the wider sides and also add four small furniture legs just to raise it a little and give it more structure. Then put a comfortable pillow inside and let your dog or cat hop inside. You can also paint the crate and customize it a bit more according to your own taste and style. More details can be found on theinspiredhive if you’re interested.

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