DIY Dog Cone Ideas To Help Your Pet Recover Faster

Sometimes pets need to wear a cone in order to help with their recovery. A cone is required and recommended following surgery, when developing skin allergies and irritations or when you’re trying to discourage a problematic behavior such as excessive licking and chewing. If your dog needs to wear a cone, you can buy one or you can make one yourself in case you can’t find a suitable size or you want to save some money. Crafting a dog cone (or E-cone) is easy. Here are some of the ways in which you can do it:


One of the easiest methods is to use cardboard. Go ahead and measure your dog’s neck and head and then cut a piece of cardboard into a rainbow shape, making sure it’s wide enough but also comfortable to wear. Cut a few strips of fabric (or stick two pieces of duct tape together and cut into strips) to make loops around the inside edge of the cone. Then run your dog’s collar through these loops and then tie the cone shut using string and weaving it through some holes that you’re previously made. This way you’ll be able to remove the collar and then put it back on when needed. Check out petdiys if you need more details.


If you find regular dog cones to be a bit too uncomfortable to wear, you can try coming up with alternatives and creating something custom for your beloved pet. One idea is to make a towel collar. First you need to find a thick towel that can be folded into thirds and which wraps around your dog’s neck without being too long or too short. You can cut off a piece if needed. Fold the towel into thirds lengthwise and wrap it around your dog’s neck making sure it’s not too tight or uncomfortable. Then take a few pieces of duct tape and wrap them around 2/3 of the towel so it stays in place. Check again to make sure the towel cone is not too tight. Head over to dogtrainingnation if you need more info.

For Cats Also

If you have a small dog or a cat, this soft cone featured on cuteness should be just right. It’s important to make it the right size so take some time to measure your pet and determine how long and how wide the cone needs to be. Use a compass to draw a perfect circle on a piece of cardboard once you have the measurements, then cut out the center and fold it into a cone shape, taping the edges together. Punch a few holes around the inner circle and then use ribbon to attach the cone to the collar your pet is wearing.

New plastic bucket

You can also make a dog cone out of a plastic container such as a bucket or a pot. The container should be lightweight and should have the right size and shape in order for it to be converted into a cone. Measure your dog and determine how big the neck hole needs to be, then draw a circle of that size on the bottom of the container and cut off the piece. Cover the edges with tape to make it’s smooth and comfortable to wear. Poke a few holes around the opening and thread a piece of twine through these holes so you can later attach it to the dog’s collar. This is an idea that we found on cuteness.

Pool noodles

Another idea is to repurpose a pool noddle and to make a collar that’s comfortable to wear and also prevents your dog from scratching certain parts of their body. Cut the pool noddle in half (or shorter, depending on the size of your dog) and run some cord through the center of both pieces. Attach buckles at the ends of the cord so you can easily take the collar off and put it back on without hurting or annoying your dog. Check out this youtube video to see how the collar looks and to find out a bit more about how it was made.

Classic plastic buckets

You can potentially craft a cone for your dog our of anything that has the right size and shape so look around your garage, pantry or closet and see what you can find. Look for a container that’s cylindrical and wide enough to fit around your dog’s neck, cut out a hole at the bottom and make sure to smooth out the edges. You can put tape over the edges or some up with a different solution. Either way, the container should be comfortable to wear (as much as possible) and should prevent your dog from scratching or licking but shouldn’t prevent them from being able to eat and drink. They should also feel comfortable to sleep with the cone on. Check out pinterest for more ideas.

More DIY Ideas

There are also lots of other ways in which you can be creative when making a cone for your dog (or cat, or other types of pets). You can use all sorts of different materials and items, some of which you may already have and other which you can easily find in stores. You could make a bucket collar if you have a big dog, a cardboard or a poster board collar if you want something temporary, a paper plate collar if you have a small dog or you can make your dog feel extra comfortable by repurposing a neck pillow or a big towel into a collar. You can find out more details about these DIY projects on dogsaholic.

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