How To Build A Dog Gate – All The Ideas And Inspiration You’ll Need

If you have some areas in your home that are off-limits for your pets or if you want to temporarily prevent your dog from getting in and out of a room you can use a gate for that. You can either buy one which could end up being quite expensive or you can craft one yourself which would be cheaper and better if you need a custom size or shape. We went ahead and selected a bunch of projects that you might find useful and inspiring.

A baby gate can also function as a dog gate and vice versa so that’s great news if you have both kids and pets. There’s a really nice design for one on jennifermaker which would be perfect if you have a big living room or if you want something custom and pretty. This is an extra wide dog gate made using plastic lattice panels. It’s a folding design and it looks a lot like a room divider.


If you want a gate that you can install at the top of the stairs, it would be fairly simple to build one out of wood. This one has horizontal slats and looks nice and simple. It would be easy to have yours customized by painting all the wooden parts either to match the staircase, the wall or to stand out and look extra pretty. Check out this tutorial on youtube if you want to find out more about the project.

If you have a small dog this PVC pipe gate should be enough to keep them inside or in a particular room. It’s not the most sturdy gate, being made of PVC pipes and steel wire mesh, but it’s easy to make and practical. It’s also nice because it’s see-though and lets your dog see what’s going on on the other side, making them less curious and allowing you to communicate with them more easily. There’s a full tutorial on ehow if you’re interested.

Wooden barn doors are always beautiful and charming, no matter how big or small. If you like the style and the look, it might be cool to build a cute little gate similar to the one featured on remodelaholic. It’s great as a baby gate or a pet gate and you can coordinate it with your other interior doors if they share a similar style.

A rolling dog gate would sure be nice and fancy. Building one is not difficult at all and you can keep the cost of the entire project low by using spare materials and reclaimed parts. You need some wood and two casters along with a few other pieces which shouldn’t be difficult to get your hands on. Check out this reddit post if you need inspiration.

Naturally, you want your new pet gate to be as beautiful as it is functional and while that combination can sometimes prove difficult to achieve, there are lots of great projects and designs that can inspire you to create something great. For example, check out this stylish doggie gate idea from yellowbrickhome. It’s a perfect fit for modern, rustic or traditional home interiors.

Keep the cost of the project low by using pallet wood. A single pallet should be enough to make a dog gate. The reclaimed wood will give it a retro vibe and you can embrace the style fully if you think it suits your home. You might even be able to get the hinges and handle from an old cabinet which would suit the whole retro style of the project. You can find more tips and ideas on simplymaggie if you’re interested.

You can put together this pet gate in just a few minutes once you have all the necessary supplies and tools. You’re going to need a few wooden boards, some deck screws, hinges, a latch and either stain or paint, depending on how you want the gate to look like in the end. Be sure to measure the opening before you make any cuts so you can build a gate that fits. Additional instructions can be found on findingpurposeblog.

Build a solid gate to make sure it lasts and is able to keep your dog at bay. There’s a nice design featured on thisoldhouse that you might like. This gate is elegant and solid and durable enough to last for a very long time even if you have a hyperactive dog. Make sure the proportions are right in case you need to customize your gate. The taller it is, the longer the feet need to be as well.

Fabric can also be incorporated into the design of your DIY dog gate and that’s a great way to customize its look. Pick a type of fabric that suits the space in a color that complements the doorframe, walls and the surrounding décor. It could be fun to also add a pattern or to make several gates with different designs. More details about this project can be found on debbiesaenz.typepad.

This is a freestanding dog gate and that means it doesn’t damage the doorway or leave permanent marks. It also means you can remove it and position it somewhere else whenever you need to. It’s made of pine wood and has a simple folding design for easy storage. If you decide to go with a similar design, feel free to paint or stain your gate in any nuance you prefer. The plans and all the details can be found on sawsonskates.

If you don’t need the gate to be super strong and sturdy, it would be ok to build it out of PVC pipes and cover it with fabric. It would act as a barrier and you can easily place it between the spindles of the stairs with no need for any extra hardware. Of course, it’s designed to be used with staircases that have a particular design so keep that in mind. If you need a folding pet gate or one that you can attach to a doorframe, this style would need some modifications. Check out sewmanyways for additional details.

If you’re interested in how you can build a sliding gate from scratch, there’s a video tutorial on youtube that explains the entire process. This style of gate can be adapted and customized to fit your own space and needs. It can serve as an excellent barrier to keep your dog out of the kitchen when you’re cooking or to prevent them from getting into certain areas of the house and it’s simple, versatile and easy to use.

This is a type of gate that works well for stairs. It’s easy to install and if you want to build a custom one from scratch that wouldn’t be very difficult either. Adding all those thin rods does take a bit of time and requires some finesse but they do look lovely and in this case the design is a great match for this particular staircase. You could potentially make some changes, simplify the design or add more details. If you’re interested in a tutorial for this project, you can find one on allthingsheartandhome.

How about a gate that doesn’t stand out yet still does its job? There’s a nice design featured on chrislovesjulia which fits this description perfectly. It’s simple, versatile and can blend in with easy if you customize it so it matches your staircase or the door frame in case you want to use it differently than it’s suggested here. This gate is made using pine wood and plexiglass.

Here’s a cool idea: turn an old headboard into a pet gate. Chances are it has the perfect width and if not you could probably cut out a few bits and pieces to make it fit. This works for all sorts of different types of headboards but the source of the idea is a project featured on factualfairytale which uses a vintage headboard. Two tube straps, 4 screws, a hook and an eye latch were all that was needed to complete the transformation.

Trellises are another cool option if you’re looking to build a dog gate and you want to do it all by yourself. Trellises come in various different sizes and can have different styles and patterns so find a model that you think would work best for the type of gate that you have in mind. Connect a few panels to make a folding gate similar to a room divider. More details can be found on imaginemechanix.

This dog gate featured on homeroad has a nice and simple design and also seems like a fairly simple project. It uses wood for the frame and metal wire mesh for the center. However, it’s not the most efficient when it comes to prevent dogs from climbing over it. A solution suggested here is to add plexiglass on the inside section of the gate so the dog can’t climb on it. They might still be able to jump over the gate so make sure it’s tall enough.

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