How To Build An Amazing Dog House That Your Pet Can Call Their Own

Dogs are such wonderful creatures and they deserve all our love and respect so today we’re going to show you a few cool ways in which you can build something nice and special for your furry friend. Because dogs love the outdoors we think it would be nice to build your pet a lovely little house in your backyard where they can relax, enjoy the fresh air and have fun running around and being energetic.

1. Traditional Dog House Project

Although dog houses are not really big structure, building one requires some planning so take some time to do some research, take measurements and come up with different ideas to incorporate into your design. Make sure that the floor is raised so it doesn’t get water damage and also to prevent it from getting too cold and choose a roof style that suits your dog’s habits. For example, if your dog enjoys climbing on top of surfaces you can leave the roof flat so they can sit up there and don’t use shingles because then the roof will get really hot in the sun. These plans featured on lowes should give you a pretty good idea of what building a dog house is all about.

2. Dog house with deck

Isn’t this dog house adorable? It has a pretty simple and modern design which would look nice in most backyards or gardens. The special thing here is the deck. Yes, this little house has a wooden deck so the doggy can spend time outside without lying directly onto the ground, especially when it’s cold outside. Also, this really does make the structure look like a miniature house. There’s even a cute entrance mat. The interior of the house is insulated and the roof is slightly angled. There’s also a mini pergola, a toy box and a food and water bowl on the side. Check out the plans for this project on jenwoodhouse.

3. Gazebo dog house

If you’re going for a more seasonal kind of design, consider building a little gazebo-like structure for your dog. It could be a sort of summer house, a little area where they can relax outside in the shade, on a comfortable bed protected from the sun and the rain. This dog house doesn’t have solid walls but it does have a pitched roof which looks lovely and gives it a rustic look. There’s also a cute chalkboard sign on it. The house is all made out of wood and if you want you can stain or paint the boards for a more personalized look. You can find the plans and a tutorial on shanty-2-chic.

4. Typical Dog House

The typical dog house is very similar to a miniature cabin, with a pitched roof and simple wooden walls. It’s a practical design and a simple one to follow. However, if you find it to be a bit too mainstream and conventional for your best friend then go ahead and give it a twist. We found this really cool design on ana-white which basically gives the house a crooked look. It’s a more cartoony version of the typical dog house, where the walls are slightly crooked and the roof is a bit asymmetrical as well. We love this style and we hope you find just as interesting and inspiring as we do.

5. Pallet Dog House

Although small, a dog house can get quite expensive even if you’re building it yourself. To save some money you could choose to use reclaimed wood and pallets are a really great and accessible option. Use a bunch of pallet planks to put together a beautiful dog house and don’t let the weathered look of the wood fool you. You can make something quite modern with it, like this dog house featured on diycrafty which has a beautiful little veranda at the front.

6. Modern design dog house – Video Tutorial

In case you have more than one dog you’ll need to adjust the plans a little bit. A shared dog house could be a perfect option as long as they all get along together. We found this cool video tutorial on youtube which shows you how such a structure can be built.This house is big enough for three dogs and has a simple and modern design. The interior is insulated to keep them nice and warm when it’s cold outside and the roof can be lifted to get access inside which is very helpful and practical when you’re cleaning or doing repairs. There’s only one little door but you can add more if you want to or even create small windows.

7. How to build a dog house with recycled pallets- Video Tutorial

Going back to the pallet dog house idea for a second, there’s another youtube tutorial that we want to share with you today. This reclaimed wood dog house has a simple and straightforward design and look very much like the standard, rustic dog kennel you’d expect to see in most countryside yards. It’s all made using pallet boards and there are lots of different ways to customize it in case you want to add a twist to the design.

8. How I built this BIG dog house.

If it’s a big dog house you’re interested in, this youtube tutorial is perfect for you. It shown the complete process of building a large dog house out of wood from the planning and designing stages all the way to the finished product. As you’ll see for yourself, it’s a big house, big enough for a person to fit inside and it also has a covered porch which looks amazing. The entrance is arched and there’s also a cute window on the side with a four-panel design.

9. DIY dog house Gazebo

Now isn’t this fancy? A beautiful gazebo with a lounge bed, a colored roof and a chalkboard sign. On close analysis the design is quite simple and building something similar would actually be quite easy, especially since you can follow the step-by-step tutorial provided on jenwoodhouse. We really like how the bards on the walls are spaced out and let you see inside just a little bit. The front section is completely open for easy access in and out and this is obviously meant to be a summer dog house, a little area where they can chill outside on a beautiful sunny day.

10. Mobile Dog House

One detail we haven’t considered until now is the fact that you may want to be able to move the dog house and to be able to easily take inside or to place it in a different part of your backyard or your garden. To make that nice and easy, consider building a mobile dog house. There’s a tutorial for one on instructables. This is a small and compact house with a tiny open deck at the front and a flat roof. It has two wheels at the back and a cute little curtain to give the dog some privacy when they’re inside.

11. Build an Insulated A-Frame Doghouse for Under $75

Everybody knows A-frame houses are trendy and stylish so why not build an A-frame dog house? It will look like a small tent and you can put shingles on the roof to give it some texture. There’s a detailed tutorial on instructables which describes how this particular dog house was built from start to finish. It has a simple design and it’s insulated on the inside. Also, the roof forms a little overhang at the front which offers more shade and keeps the interior nice and cool during summer.

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