How To Make A Custom Leash For Your Dog Using Simple Materials

Although you can find all dog-related accessories at the pet store, the selection is actually not that varied plus certain things can get quite expensive. Luckily you can craft a lot of the items yourself and it’s a lot of fun coming up with custom designs and ideas. Today we’re looking at some DIY dog leash projects and ideas that we think are really going to inspire you.

This rope leash looks very stylish and if you add a few leather accents to it the design gets even better. To make this you need cotton clothesline, leather scraps, brass swivel eye hooks and a low temperature hot glue gun. The braided pattern is quite simple and looks wonderful. For details and instructions, check out liagriffith.

Another option is to make a fabric leash. You can use any scrap pieces you might have lying around and mix and match them to make a 5”x 90” strip. You’re also going to need some fusible interfacing and of course a sewing machine to speed things up. The best part about this design is that it’s very customizable and it makes it super easy to create a unique design for your lovely dog to wear proudly. Additional details can be found on sewcanshe.

This beautiful dog leash is made of three strand rope and is pretty easy to make. The interesting part of this project is the ombre design. To get that look you need dye and a pot filled with water. Soak portions of the rope into the colored water and let it sit for longer and longer periods of time in order for the color to gradually get darker. Follow the tutorial on diyready to make sure you get everything right.

A paracord leash would be fun and easy to make as well and it would also be really strong and durable which is always good. Mix two or more colors to get a cool-looking pattern and have fun customizing the leash with additional little details if anything comes to mind. You can find a details tutorial on snapguide which explains the entire process.

Similarly to how you would get the ombre effect we mentioned earlier you can also use different colors to make a sort of rainbow-inspired leash like the one featured on studiodiy. Go ahead and mix the dye with water in different containers, one for each color. Start by dyeing the handle of the rope leash, then continue with a different color for the next section. Repeat until the entire leash is colored.

There are various different details and attachments that you can add to your DIY rope leash to make it more interesting or more comfortable. This one for example has a wooden handle. Other than that it’s a really simple rope leash which can be crafted from scratch. You can check out instructables if you’re interested in finding out the details of the project.

Some braided nylon rope could also work. The leash in this case would be nice and thin but still very strong and durable. You can customize it with a handle for which you can use a piece of PVC piece to make it more comfortable to hold onto. It would be cool to make a detachable handle in case you have two or more dogs and you want to be able to attach their leashes to the same handle. Check out the full tutorial for this on instructables.

This right here is a pretty simple and basic rope leash but it has a few cool little extra details which make it stand out. We’re talking about the tassels which can be made of leather or suede scraps which you might have lying around from previous projects. Add as many tassels as you think would look good just to spruce up the design a little bit. Check out stylemepretty for more details.

This is a design that combines a few of the different techniques we mentioned earlier. It’s a rope leash with leather accents and an ombre design and it looks super stylish. In order to make one just like it you’re only going to need around 2 yards of 3/8’’ thick cotton rope, some fabric dye, 2 rope clamps, a snap hook, a rubber mallet and a large cooking pot. Everything you need to know can be found on curbly.

Another similar design can be found on brit. This time the leash is simple and only made of rope, with no accent materials. Once again it has a beautiful ombre design which gradually goes from white to dark purple. If you decide to make this leash for your own dog you can pick any color you want based on what suits you and your pet best.

You can also use some leather lace to add a bit of contrast color and texture to your DIY dog rope leash. Also, add a swivel snap hook so you can attach the leash to your dog’s collar. We like the simplicity of this design and the fact that the leash is both looking great and very practical. If you want to find out more about this project you can check out the tutorial on themerrythought.

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