DIY Dog Ramp Ideas For Pooches that Need a Bit Of Extra Help Getting Around

While dogs are known for their high energy and being very dynamic, they sometimes need a bit of extra help to get on certain surfaces. Smaller dogs or certain breeds that develop problems with their joints can find it difficult to get into the car, on top of the bed or in other areas and it would be very nice for you as an owner and friend to build a ramp for them to use. A doggie ramp is pretty easy to make and it shouldn’t be an expensive project as long as you don’t use any fancy materials. Check out some of the designs and strategies that you could choose from.

This is a ramp built using closet shelves and carpet and it’s perfect for dogs and other pets that find it difficult to jump into the car or on other high surfaces. By giving them a ramp to walk on you help them stay safe and healthy for longer and you also get to show your love and appreciation for your beloved pets. If you want to build a ramp just like this one you’ll need two 6 foot closet shelves, a bunch of zip ties and some outdoor carpet. Find out more details about this project on instructables.

As a dog owner, you’re probably used to them following you everywhere and keeping you company as you do tasks around the house or relax on the sofa on a lazy Sunday afternoon. If you notice your dog having trouble jumping into bed or on top of the sofa, help them out by building a small ramp that they can use to get around more easily. Make the ramp versatile and practical by allowing it to fold down for easy storage. You can build the frame out of wood or plywood, add hinges and a non-slip rug on top so you dog can easily climb without falling and sliding around. Any additional details you might need can be found on thisoldhouse.

Before you actually start building the ramp for your dog, it can be useful to make some cardboard templates first to figure out the slope and overall shape and proportions that the final design should have and also to see if the ramp will actually fit in the space that you have available. To make the most of this ramp it could also be great to add some built-in storage inside it. There’s a really cool video tutorial on youtube which explains how you can build a great doggie ramp from scratch and make it extra functional. It has a two-part top which flips up two ways to give access to the storage inside and to save you some space when the ramp is not needed.

If you’re not building the ramp for a specific use case it would be smart to make sure it’s a bit more versatile and flexible. In that sense, it would be great to have a ramp with adjustable height so you can control the angle of the slope in case you want to put it next to the bed, the sofa or the trunk of the car which are all at different heights. You can simplify the entire process by buying a ramp that has all of the attributes and there’s a really nice model on etsy that you might like, but you could also take inspiration from take and built something similar yourself from scratch.

A collapsible dog ramp sounds very interesting and enticing as well. The advantage in this case would be that you’d be able to store the ramp under the bed or in a closet when your dog is not using it and only take it out whenever required. This would save you some space around the house and would also mean you can take the ramp with you when you and your dog travel together somewhere. The entire thing can be made out of wood and topped with a piece of carpet and you can find the tutorial for this project on familyhandyman.

Finding a suitable dog ramp that has just the right size can sometimes prove to be impossible and in that case you’re left with no choice but having to build one yourself. It turns out it’s actually not that hard and there’s no real reason to dread the project, as most of the examples above have shown. There are plenty more inspiring ones we have to show you and one comes from kolchakpuggle. Find out the full story behind this simple dog ramp and let it inspire you to build your own.

Here’s a radical idea: instead of placing the ramp perpendicular to the frame of the bed, place it parallel to save some space and make it less intrusive. You can even leave it there permanently. It would be quite similar to having a bench or a chest at the end of the bed and your dog would have easy access to the bed without having to jump around every time and damage their little legs and articulations. It’s important to be sensitive to your dog’s needs even when they don’t make it obvious that something is bothering them. Check out irresistiblepets to see how this nice dog ramp was built.

Usually the main reason for choosing to build the dog ramp yourself is a financial one. That being said, go ahead and save yourself some money on the materials by using reclaimed wood or repurposed materials instead of lumber which can be pretty expensive. A great example that comes to mind is a dog ramp featured on myrepurposedlife which was made out of a repurposed cabinet door. The ingenuity behind it is very inspiring.

It’s important to make the ramp easy and comfortable to use, otherwise it wouldn’t be much better than having stairs or nothing at all. Make sure your dog has good traction on the ramp and don’t need to put in extra effort just to stay on it or to avoid sliding down to the bottom every time. One way to ensure that is by adding wood casing at equal intervals which would give the dog something to grab onto and would act like speed bumps too. You can put carpet in between if the ramp is made of wood to make it less slippery and also to prevent splinters from hurting your dog’s paws. Check out foxandbrie for more details.

Another really cool idea if you decide place the ramp parallel to the bed and turn it into a perfect fixture would be to use the interior of the ramp as well. We’ve already mentioned that you can use it for storage and now we have another idea: turn it into a little shelter for your pet, a place where they can hide, sleep and play. A small dog or a cat would surely fit. This idea was inspired by a project we found on instructables.

As mentioned before, you should take some to plan the design and the dimensions of the dog ramp before you start building. That’s because the ramp needs to be custom-designed for your space and your needs. You don’t want it to be too high or too low or to have a very steel slope because that would defeat or purpose of building a ramp in the first place. You can find more details on instructables about the entire process along with the plans and details for this lovely-looking ramp.

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