Cute Dog Sweater Ideas That You Can Craft All by Yourself

Dressing up your dog in different outfits is a lot of fun plus it also keeps them nice and warm when it’s cold or wet outside. Of course, these things can get quite expensive and you actually end up paying more for a doggy sweater than for your own clothes. However, you can also do some crafting yourself. We have some cool dog sweater ideas to show you and we think they’ll really inspire you.

If you have a tiny dog you might be able to get away with using a sock to make them a sweater. It would have to be made of a stretchy material in order to be comfortable to wear. Go ahead and cut off a section at the top and make slits for the legs and the ear. This sweater is actually a hoodie and we think it looks adorable. Check out goodiy for additional details.

Ideally, a dog sweater or coat would be super easy to put on and take off because dogs are not exactly patient when they know they’re about to go outside. If you use velcro you can easily take care of that problem. This is something that we learned from this amazing project featured on ricochetandaway. It shows how to make a dog coat that perfectly fits your pet.

You can upcycle one of your own sweaters and turn it into a lovely outfit for your dog. Some modifications have to be made in order for it to actually fit so start by measuring your dog so you can then plan the whole thing. You can find some tips on diyprojects regarding how and where to make the cuts and where to add the ribbon and the trim. This cute dog sweater will quickly start to take shape and once the basic design is in place you can go ahead and add some extra details if you feel included to do so.

If you decide to repurpose one of your own pieces of clothing in order to make a sweater to keep your dog warm during winter, make sure the material is appropriate. A stretchy sweater would be great because it will allow your dog to move around more easily but if that’s not the case you can always make it a bit loose, enough to be comfortable without being too baggy. Check out this tutorial from lifehacker before you make any cuts. It gives some great tips.

You can save some time and effort by choosing to make your dog’s outfits out of clothing items that actually fit. For example, if you have a small dog you can make a really nice sweater or shirt for them out of a onesie. Baby clothes are really easy to repurpose and very few modifications are needed. You can also go ahead and customize your dog’s new outfit so it really shows their personality. Check out artsyfartsymama for more details.

You can make this lovely shirt for your dog in about an hour or so and you don’t even need a sewing machine for that. It has a little bow tie which looks rather smashing and you can make it out of some fabric leftovers or even repurpose an actual bow tie. In any case, make sure you measure your dog first so you don’t risk making them a shirt that doesn’t fit. If you’re like to find out more about this particular design, you can find the plans on herstoria.

The most comfortable type of dog sweater/ coat is the kind that’s custom made because that means it fits and as a result it looks good. If you’re planning to take on such a project, you should first decide what the best fabric would be. A cool combination would be Bedford cord fabric with fleece lining and there’s a great tutorial on petprojectblog which shows the perfect design to go with it.

How about something a bit more sporty that your dog can wear in the park? With a few modifications you could repurpose one of your old jackets and your dog will need to be patient and pose a few times so you can get all the measurements right. It’s all worth it in the end, as demonstrated on instructables. This cool coat has the zipper on the back which makes it really easy to put on and take off.

You can also make a bunch of cute accessories for your dog besides all the fashionable sweaters and jackets. For example, you could make them a comfy shrug to wear around the house or outside when it’s chilly. This one is pretty easy to make especially if you have some experience with crochet stitches.  You can make it in any size you want. Check out the instructions on favecrafts before you get started.


Speaking of crochet projects, there’s also this adorable dog sweater from mariasbluecrayon that you might like to have a go at. It’s an easy little project perfect for beginners. You can start by crocheting the collar and then you switch to a different pattern for the rest of the sweater. You can make it in any color you want and even combine several colors to create stripes or other patterns.

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