12 Dog Toys You Can DIY From Things Around the House

Dogs are typically very energetic and they like to run around and have loads of fun. They also love to play with toys so today we thought we’d share with you a bunch of ideas for how you can make cute toys for your dog yourself using simple and basic supplies. It’s a project that you’ll both enjoy.

If you have a pair of old jeans don’t throw it away just yet because there are lots of cool ways to repurpose the fabric. For example, you could make a bunch of toys for your dog. These right here are cone-shaped and look really fun and cute. Check out pillarboxblue if you want to find out how to make them.

A cool thing about DIY dog toys is that you get to use some materials that you wouldn’t otherwise find in any of the store-bought toys. For example, this contraption is made of rope and bakes sweet potatoes. It definitely sounds unusual and it is but it’s also quite fun to make and to play with. Head over to instructables for more details if you want to make something similar for your own dog.

Some dogs like to chew on water bottles and to play with them so if yours is one of them, make them a fun toy inspired by that. The supplies you’re going to need include an empty plastic water bottle (the 500 ml kind), a piece of fleece or some other type of fabric, a bone pattern which you cant race yourself on a piece of paper and some basic sewing supplies. More details can be found on andreasnotebook.

Another fun idea is to make an interactive toy for your pet. The idea is to put a few treats inside or to fill it with dry food so bits and pieces fall out through the holes as your dog plays with their toy. It’s a fun way to keep them busy for a while when you want them out of the way or to prevent them from eating their food too quickly. If you want to find out how to make this toy, head over to dogtipper.

If you know how to crochet then perhaps you’d like to use your skills to make a new toy for your dog….or a bunch of new toys. It would be fun for both you and your dog and there are tons of interesting designs and ideas to choose from. For instance, how about a cute duck toy like the one featured on candselv. There’s a tutorial there that explains how it’s made.

This right here is a tennis ball toy. A tennis ball would be pretty fun on its own but you can make it even better by adding a few bits to it. You don’t need much for this transformation and some strips of cloth from a towel or an old pair of jeans should do just fine. You’ll also need a knife and a screwdriver because you’ll have to poke a hole through the ball and to insert the strips of cloth through it. It’s all explained in more detail on vetstreet.

A piece of rope is all that’s needed in order to make a fun toy for your dog, one that will last them for a long time. Take the rope and tie it into a monkey’s fist knot. To make the toy a bit more fun and interesting, you can slip a few treats inside just before you tighten the knot. Check out the step-by-step tutorial offered on handsoccupied to see how this special knot is made.

This is a toy that’s filled with strips of fabric which your dog will definitely try to take out. When they manage to completely remove all the pieces of fabric inside the ball, take them and put them back it and the fun begins all over again. It’s a really simple project but if you need additional details about it, you can find them on leopolds-crate.

If you want to make a toy that’s extra strong and durable, perhaps this one would do. There’s a tutorial for this pull dog toy on instructables. The materials needed to make one include some cord, a needle, fire hose, a strap and some filler (from an old toy perhaps?). Since the hose is tough you’ll need pliers to push and pull the needle through.

Thing ring toy also looks really strong and sturdy. It’s also pretty easy to make and it’s made from rope. To make it look more fun and interesting you can combine two or more colors of rope. You can also adjust the size of the toy based on the size of your dog. The entire process is described on instructables where there’s also a video that you can watch to better understand all the different steps.

Give your dog a puzzle to solve. Dogs are pretty smart and they actually understand a lot of things so they might solve this puzzle quicker than you think and then you can step it up a bit and try something more difficult next time. In any case, this is a really simple toy. It’s a plastic bottle with a few treats inside and some holes that these can fit through. Check out prouddogmom to see how it’s made.

For this toy all you need is some strips of fabric. Perhaps there’s an old shirt that you no longer want and you can cut that into strips…which would also be a great way to repurpose old clothes. If you’re happy with the size and proportions of the toy featured on sylviasstitches, you’ll need three long strips of fabric that are 3.5’’ wide each in order to make something very similar. Mix and match different colors and have fun with the patterns. This tutorial explains how to braid the strips together in order to get this particular design. Feel free to explore other options as well or to come up with your own design.

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