12 Friendly Dog Breeds That Make Great Companions

There are so many friendly dog breeds out there that make the best family members. In fact, any dog can be extremely friendly if they’re raised in a happy, loving environment. Every dog has their own personality, so their friendliness often greatly depends on how they’re raised and what their past was like. Early socialization and lots of quality time together are two easy ways to help your dog be friendlier and more loving toward you.

Even though any dog can be friendly if given a chance, there are some friendly dog breeds that are known to be more loving companions than others. The following 12 dogs are some of the friendliest dogs that are great for all types of families.

#1 – Golden Retriever

It’s no surprise that Golden Retrievers are an extremely friendly breed. They get along with just about anyone, both humans and animals. They are typically very cheerful, always able to brighten someone’s mood with their love and affection. Because of this, they make excellent therapy dogs for people of all ages.

Additionally, Golden Retrievers are very intelligent, loyal, and reliable. They’re always eager to please their humans, so they pick up on commands very quickly. While they are one of the most popular dog breeds, they also have many advanced care requirements such as regular exercise and daily brushing.

#2 – Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is another one of the most popular dog breeds, which makes sense due to their friendly nature. Like the Golden Retriever, they’re happy to meet new people and do whatever they can to cheer them up. They’re one of the most common breeds to be service dogs and therapy dogs. They want to be around people every chance they get.

However, like most larger dog breeds, Labs still need plenty of exercise. Many people mistake them for low-maintenance dogs, but they have plenty of energy, so they need lots of love and attention each and every day. The good part of that though is when you give them the love they deserve, they will always find a way to show their gratitude with cuddles and kisses.

#3 – Boxer

Boxers are known for their friendly personalities. They just want as much attention as possible, so they will often seek out extra love and affection. They are excellent companions for families with children because they get along well with people of all ages. Also, they are extra patient and loyal around children, so you will feel safe with a Boxer in your home.

As much as Boxers love their humans, they can sometimes get too excited. They love to jump up on people and greet them at the door. So, you need to start training your Boxer as soon as you bring them home to prevent them from developing any bad habits.

#4 – Beagle

Beagles might be smaller than the above breeds, but they don’t let that take away from their loving personalities. These medium-sized dogs are generally very happy, always wanting to have fun with their loved ones. They love having a good balance between playing, going for walks, and relaxing throughout the day.

These dogs are also known for their great sense of smell. They can use their noses to detect danger even from far away. So, they’re always dedicated to keeping their family safe at all costs. They’re another breed that gets along with just about everyone, especially kids.

#5 – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terriers often get a bad reputation because they’re labeled as a Pit Bull breed, but they have hearts of gold. They are known for their motherly instincts, always ready to look after children. They might look tough, but they’re very gentle and sweet around those they care about.

These adorable dogs often look like they’re smiling. They clearly don’t care how the world sees them because they know that they’re good dogs. Since they are also very loyal, they are always willing to do whatever their humans ask them to. They’re always eager to please the people who are important to them.

#6 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These small, beautiful dogs are one of the many friendly dog breeds. They have been companion dogs their entire lives, so they always want to be there for their humans. They love to please people, but they also expect plenty of attention in return. Their kind hearts make them perfect for families of all types, even ones with younger children.

Like most of the dogs on this list, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are very gentle. They love meeting new people, especially if those people are willing to pet them and play with them. They are also great at adapting to new locations and new lifestyles, so they will stick by your side through every stage of your life.

#7 – Border Collie

Border Collies are one of the smartest breeds, but they’re also extremely eager to please humans. They love learning to tricks and skills, so as long as their humans are willing to keep training them, they’re more than happy to learn. They have high energy levels, so they need a family that also has an active lifestyle.

These intelligent dogs are usually excited every time they interact with someone new. They are very sociable, so being around people is their favorite activity. In fact, they often hang around humans so much that they start to act very human-like themselves.

#8 – Irish Setter

Irish Setters have very fun and playful personalities, causing them to get along with just about everyone. They have lots of energy, so they need a family that’s willing to spend lots of time with them. They need plenty of attention and regular exercise to be content.

As friendly as Irish Setters are, they’re also a bit stubborn from time to time. If they’re not properly trained, they could develop bad habits like chewing on things they shouldn’t and barking excessively. These bad habits are often signs that they aren’t getting enough attention, so be prepared to spend lots of quality time with these friendly pups.

#9 – Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Corgis are one of the most beloved breeds in the world. Many people have fallen in love with their adorable stubby legs and playful personalities. They are also a very social breed that can easily get along with new people. They might be small, but they’re more than happy to run around and play as much as possible.

Despite their adorable appearance, these dogs are also great protectors. They were bred to be herding dogs, so they have a natural instinct to guard and protect.

#10 – Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers might be small, but their personalities are big. They often act silly, eager to impress people and make new friends. They’re almost always ready to play, and they have a lot of energy for such a small dog. They love learning new things, but they can often be stubborn if they don’t feel like listening.

Also, they are an adaptable breed. Through every stage in your life, they will be there to support you and cheer you up. Even during the toughest times, they are able to remain upbeat, causing their positivity to rub off on you.

#11 – Poodle

Poodles come in all different sizes, but their friendliness is always the same. They are a very outgoing, intelligent breed that enjoys being around people. They are great at obedience training, always eager to learn new skills. Additionally, Standard Poodles need plenty of exercise on a regular day while Toy Poodles are content with minimal exercise.

While Poodles are one of the many friendly dog breeds, they are not always the best for new dog parents. Their soft, cotton-like coats need to be brushed often and trimmed every few weeks. If these grooming needs are neglected, their coats can easily become matted, which could harm your Poodle.

#12 – Pug

It’s difficult to resist the cute flat face of a Pug. Not only are they sociable and friendly, but they also have such charming personalities. They love to play as much as possible, and they have a mind of their own. While they are actually much smarter than they look, they can often be stubborn and only choose to listen on their own terms.

Pugs tend to be lazier and quieter than the other breeds on this list. This makes them fairly easy to care for, so they’re a good dog for people of all different lifestyles. They are even friendly around children because they enjoy cuddling and playing with them.

Friendly dog breeds are the ideal companions for most families, but it’s difficult to know if a dog will be friendly before you meet them. While these 12 breeds are typically great dogs to have around, you should never assume a dog’s personality. Always meet with a dog before you bring them home. After all, all dogs can be friendly if you give them a chance, so take your time choosing the perfect pup for you.

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