How To Build a Raised Bowl Stand For Your Dog – 22 Creative DIY Ideas

Why build a dog bowl stand? Well, because it helps your pet be more comfortable when they’re eating and drinking water. This is especially true if you have a big dog. They have a hard time bending down and they often find it uncomfortable to eat or drink from a bowl that’s sitting directly on the floor. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. You don’t feel comfortable eating on your low coffee table and neither does your dog enjoy eating from a bow that’s too low on the floor. The solution is obvious: a raised stand. This is how you can build one: 

First things firsts: before you starting building the stand you should choose the bowl or bowls first to make sure that they fit inside. The stand featured on anikasdiylife is made out of wood and has a very simple design. A few custom details such as a paint color that matches your décor should complete this entire project. 

Since you’re putting in the effort to build a raised stand for your dog, make it big enough to accommodate two bowls, one for food and one for water. It’s pretty easy to build a stand out of wood and you can use leftover lumber or reclaimed boards if you have any. A nice idea for a design is to mix two colors and to have the base and the top section contrast with each other. A lovely detail that we picked up on YouTube is this cute section that has the dog’s name written on it. 

You can build a dog bowl stand for less than $5 if you keep the design nice and simple. When building the frame, make sure it has the right size and that the bowls fit inside just right. A single 1’’ x 2’’ x 8 ft wooden board should be enough for the entire thing. You can find instructions for how to plan and build this simple stand on thewellroundedmomma

This DIY dog bowl stand featured on remodelaholic looks like a miniature bench and is a really cute piece. It’s also quite small, being designed for puppies. As you dog grows up and gets bigger and taller, you’ll need to raise the stand and eventually build a new one. Of course, this stand out also be a great permanent choice for a small mature dog. 

If you want to, you can also add attachments and extra features to your DIY dog bowl stand and turn it into a complete feeding station. Instead of just a frame that keeps the bowls elevated at a comfortable level, you can design the stand with a storage space underneath. This is where you can store the food and treats. There’s a detailed tutorial on thisoldhouse which explains everything you need to know about this project. 

There are lots of different ways in which you can design and build the stand. If you want the bowls to sit snugly inside you can go ahead and measure them, mark the outline on a board and then cut out the slots and sand down the edges. Add four legs and that’s about it. The entire process from start to finish is explained in detail on uglyducklinghouse

Most designs mentioned here are very easy to modify. This bench-style stand featured on shanty-2-chic is a good example. As you can see, the top surface is quite big and that means it could accommodate bigger bowls at one point or that you can even fit an extra bowl in there. The base can also be lowered to suit smaller dogs or can be made higher if required. Figure out what the best proportions are for your own dog before you get started. 

Isn’t this stand adorable? Yes, it’s small and it’s not that much higher from the ground but it’s enough to make feeding time a lot more comfortable for a small dog. The fact that it’s so small also means you don’t need lots of materials to make it and you could probably use some leftovers from other projects in case you have any. Check out the project on centsationalstyle if you want more details. 

If you don’t mind the bigger size, you could design your dog bowl stand to be similar to a storage box. The top would double as a lid and would have cut-outs for the bowls and inside you could fit a big container with dog food. There’s a great tutorial on addicted2diy which explains how you can build this thing in case you’re interested. 

So far we’ve only looked at freestanding dog bowl stands which are great especially if you don’t have a designated spot for your dog’s feeding area and you change the location from time to time. On the other hand, there’s also the possibility of a more permanent placement. You can attach the stand to the side of a cabinet or to a wall and you wouldn’t need to build a base for it. Check out wouldntitbelovely for additional details. 

You can save a bit of time and effort by repurposing a shelf or a cubby into a stand for your dog’s food and water bowls instead of building the whole thing from scratch. This double shelf module featured ondreamalittlebigger is absolutely perfect for this type of project. All you need to do is cut out two holes for the bowls and maybe also add some small feet or floor protectors if you want to. As you can see, there’s plenty of space inside to store a bunch of toys too. 

There are lots of other things that you can repurpose if you plan on making a custom bowl stand for your dog. This one uses a vintage suitcase as a base, with a wooden board on top. It’s been raised off the floor on four slender legs that match the color of the suitcase. You can find out more about this unusual project on imgur

If you can put hairpin legs on a small table, why not also use them to make a stylish feeding station for your dog? Simply attach the hairpin legs to a piece of wood that you’ve measured and cut to size and create a custom stand for the food and water bowls so you dog can be more comfortable. Add your own twist to this simple design featured on yellowbrickhome to make it special. 

Anything can work as a dog bowl stand if it has the right size and shape or if you can somehow transform it into a feeding station so look around the house for items that you can potentially repurpose. A picnic basket could work and for the top you could use a thin piece of plywood with holes cut out for the bowls. You can use the space inside the basket to store all the extra food. This quirky idea comes from sewmanyways.

Here’s another example of how you can make a dog food station with storage inside for extra food, treats and other things. This one is made of wood and has a stained top and a white painted base which complement each other and give the station a mid-century modern look. It has an open back section for easy access but you can close that off if you think your dog could manage to find the opening. More details about this DIY project can be found on happygoluckyblog

Concrete is a viable material option for a DIY dog bowl stand, especially because you can shape however you want. The fact that it’s heavy is also an advantage, making the stand extra stable, strong and sturdy and prevent the dog from accidentally knocking it over. If you’re considering making a concrete dog bowl holder, check out this project from wearwagrepeat first. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make your dog’s bowl stand look as elegant and as beautiful as possible. In fact, we love the idea of a stand that looks like an actual piece of furniture, not just a functional accessory. With that in mind, we’d like to share with you a modern design that we found on woodshopdiaries. We hope it will inspire you. 

If you have a big and tall dog then most of the designs we showed so far will probably not work unless you given them extra tall bases and legs. There’s one however which we think is very clever and could work out great in this case. The idea for this project comes from thediyvillage. As you can see, these are old dining chairs that have been repurposed. 

A simple crate could also be easily repurposed into a dog bowl stand. You could simply flip the crate upside down and cut out holes in the bottom for the bowls but you could also build a custom top and continue to use the crate as a storage container on top of it being a stand. Pick a crate that suits your dog. This right here is a vintage Coca Cola crate and it looks lovely. Check it out on sewwoodsy

This raised dog feeder featured on ishouldbemoppingthefloor was also made by repurposing a wooden crate. The transformation was very simple. Two holes were cut into the bottom of the crate and the edges were sanded, then the whole crate was painted red. The handles were kept and are actually useful for moving the feeding station when needed. 

No matter what design, style or size you choose for your DIY dog bowl stand it’s always nice to personalize it a little bit. There are numerous ways to do that and one of the easiest methods is to have your dog’s name displayed on the stand in some way. You can use spray paint and letter stencils to do that. This tutorial from cascadefarmhouse shows you how it’s done.

As mentioned several times before, you can make a dog bowl stand out of pretty much anything and there’s one more project that we’d like to show which is based on that very idea. This station featured on huntandhost was made using old fence pickets. It has a strong vintage vibe and lots of character and it’s like a custom dining table which makes it even more charming. 

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